Spooktacular Griller Kit


The Spooktacular Griller Set has a wonderful variety of all 4 seasoning that ranges from 3 Amigos, Monsoon Magic, Let’s Taco ‘Bout It! and Desert Snow. The perfect seasonings that will make your Halloween night a howling success. You get all 4 seasonings for the price of 3!



The 3 Amigos: This Chili starter and seasoning has a blend of smoked jalapeños, habanero and hatched chili peppers, plus a blend of spices that will give your chili a hardy and bold flavor.

Monsoon Magic:  A perfect seasoning blend that will magically transform any dish from boring to bold! We crafted the flavor profile to be used on any dish you are cooking. You can throw out the salt and pepper and replace it with Monsoon Magic. Since this blend is perfect on anything use it on all your favorite proteins and vegetables. Don’t be fooled this seasoning is not an illusion it is the real deal.

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It!: This seasoning will take your fiesta to a whole new level. With it’s blend of smoked jalapeños, chili peppers, and traditional spices it will give your tacos and fajitas a zesty and bold flare!

Desert Snow: Sugar and Spice…Oh it’s so nice – or is it? TSG’s Desert Snow has a wonderful sweet sugary note with a hidden fiery cinnamon twist. This dessert seasoning blend is perfect on breads, cakes, ice cream, fruit or anything that needs a little sweet twist.


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